Who are we?

Réseau Etrouve.com is a Canadian company passionate about helping business owners succeed throughout Haiti by connecting local businesses with clients and customers in their neighborhood.

From our desire to promote e-commerce and its alternatives in connection with socially responsible choices, our mission is:

"Provide accessibility to a national e-commerce network by pooling together sellers and buyers in Haiti."

All of our operations are performed from our Port-au-Prince office. We work with a wide range of various types of enterprise, from supermarkets, banks, painters, plumbers and renovators to florists, photographers and restaurant operators and many more.

Each year, thousands of visitors find many enterprises on Repertoire.Etrouve.com, which allows us to be the most dynamic Web directory service in Haiti.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: hubadmin@etrouve.com

With Etrouve.com, everyone finds what they need!

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